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Reasons Why You Should Have More Female Friends

Posted on April 24, 2024 by Wendell Tacket

Women aren't simply for seducing and attempting to attach with; It is possible to have solid, platonic friendships using them. I've heard men say that there surely is no such thing as a lady friend, only a girl you haven't slept with yet. That isn't the proper view to possess. Now when I'm discussing having a lady friend, After all one which is strictly platonic and you are not secretly deeply in love with her or anything. Browse the explanations why female friends are good to possess.

Social Proof

I wrote about why social proof is indeed important. With that said, you're more desirable if you are seen with women.

Understand Women More

Sometimes its beneficial to have a pal behind enemy lines. Did your GF just take action completely psychotic? Your guy friends will just say she's a crazy bitch, however your girl buddy can in fact help you know very well what she's thinking.

A very important factor to keep in mind is your female friends are best for offering their perspectives on situations...HOWEVER, don't pay attention to their advice. Seriously women supply the worst dating advice. She'll tell you firmly to decelerate physically with whoever you're dating, but she generates on the initial date. They don't really seem sensible!

STARTING UP With Her Friends

Provided she's not just one of these girls that considers herself "among the guys," she'll have a lot of female friends to expose you to. If she's a genuine friend, she may put in an excellent word for you personally and make an effort to hook you up.

Style Advice

I have no idea about you guys, but I wasn't born with the "style" gene. Whenever I shop I love to bring a woman along on her behalf opinion on whatever I'm buying.


You can find a few things you can't consult with your guy friends, or with the ladies you're dating. Female friends belong to that gap.

Take my advice and become more friendly to the ladies you meet. Because she's not dating material doesn't mean she can't grow to be an excellent friend. Ultimately, these ladies will most likely help your game a lot more than the majority of your guy friends. .