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Platonic Friendship - Does It Really Exist

Posted on July 10, 2022 by Wendell Tacket

Some people do have platonic friendships, which last all throughout their life. They are really special friendships for those who have known one another given that they were small kids; they might have even gone to exactly the same kindergarten school. So given that we've established that platonic friendships does indeed exist, it is time to move ahead to another area of the topic of whether it is possible to trust your lover to possess platonic friendships with other women. Well it certainly depends upon who the girl in question may be to him, whether it's a vintage school friend, or possibly an ex sister in law, you will have different answers for different individuals.

Generally speaking no-one should trust their partner to get a platonic relationship with other women until it had been his mother or sisters, because in the end he is just a individual with feelings and these feelings will get mixed up if you are in close connection with someone regularly. When folks are together a whole lot they often form a bond as being a friendship, but sometimes things will get beyond control and the feelings start changing and you also begin to consider the other person in a far more romantic way, due to the close contact that you share regularly. Any office relationships which often develop due to the regular close contact certainly are a good exemplory case of how these affairs usually happen.

No woman in her right mind will allow her partner to venture out to dinner 3 x weekly with an other woman and assume that it had been only a platonic relationship, just how do you know what is really a platonic relationship and whether it's OK for the partner to possess this type of relationship with an other woman, well the solution to that will be it is possible to never be certain. You can test paying close focus on the way your lover acts round the other woman which might offer you some insight concerning whether it's only a platonic relationship or something more, although you won't ever have the ability to truly tell because in the end he might you need to be gaining an act to save you time.

So the question continues to be left unanswered, concerning whether it is possible to trust your lover to possess a platonic relationship with other women, since there is really no yes or no answer. You will need to judge on your own according to the other woman, however the one person you must never trust your lover to get a platonic relationship with can be your best friend. Close friends certainly are a no, no in this specific case, because they're usually the people who are the reason for your breakups or one that your lover usually eventually ends up with, when your relationship has split up. Sort of a harsh statement I understand, but it is a reality!.