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Can We Still Be Friends?

Posted on May 24, 2021 by Wendell Tacket

Even whenever we know it is time to end an enchanting relationship, we're often reluctant to forget about our partners completely. We've shared so a lot of our lives with this partner, it appears almost callous to simply cut them out of our livesespecially if we're ending the partnership on good terms. It's natural that people want to store the loving and supportive area of the romantic relationship, and forget about the parts that are not serving us. That is possible: we are able to remain friends with this former lovers. Both of us need to desire to create a friendship, however.

If we elect to stay friends with a former romantic partner, we shall need to establish new boundaries and expectations in the partnership. The old checklists are no more appropriate, also it may take time to produce a successful transition to the brand new relationship. It is best, actually, if we usually do not spend any moment together once we've officially ended the partnership. A clean break is vital. We need time and energy to separate our life from our partner's. We have to reestablish our very own boundaries and our very own identity. And we have to spend a while mourning the death of the partnership. It requires time for the emotional connections to regulate, and it does take time for us to get perspective on the complete relationship.

Once we're prepared to spend time with this partner again, we should notice that any friendship that people build is really a new relationship. It isn't an extension or continuation of our partnership. We will have to start slowly, also to build up a fresh degree of trust. It will require some time to ensure we're utilizing the appropriate checklists. We can not expect exactly the same sort of support or commitment in a friendship once we did in an enchanting relationship. By exactly the same token, we might find that we're able to tolerate certain behavior from the lover, but that people won't accept it from the friend.

In many ways, friendships are more demanding than romantic relationships. We choose a more impressive range of shared interests and compatibility with this friends than we do with this romantic partners. We might find that our former lovers don't make the cut as friends--and there is nothing wrong with that. We've a easier time letting friends drift out of our lives than we do with letting go of romantic partners.