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Apologizing When We Hurt Our Friends or Partners

Posted on July 24, 2021 by Wendell Tacket

In every relationship you will have occasional misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Sometimes we have been the main one who hurt someone else we value; sometimes we have been the main one who has been hurt.

Sometimes both folks have become very angry at one another, or both feel hurt. Hurt feelings could possibly be the consequence of a slip of the tongue, a misunderstanding, or perhaps a deed committed in bad judgment. Sometimes feelings are hurt deliberately in heat of anger and regretted later.

If we were the guilty party, we would regret what we said the moment we allow hurtful remark out of our mouths. We would desire to apologize immediately, but some folks find apologizing about anything extremely difficult, extremely difficult.

Sometimes the reason why we don't apologize is basically because we have been convinced that your partner totally deserved our angry outburst. Sometimes the reason why we don't apologize is basically because we have zero proven fact that we hurt your partner. And sometimes we apologize very profusely, but we don't really mean it.

When you sincerely apologize to a pal, this means that you regret evoking the other person emotional pain, and you also want to focus on repairing the friendship.

In some relationships, hurt feelings and problems should never be handled. Instead, they get "swept beneath the rug". These relationships may look polite at first glance and they could even be long-lived, however they aren't really very intimate. There is absolutely no deep sharing between your two different people and there is absolutely no capability to be honest.

If one, or you both, are feeling very angry with another, defer your in-depth discussion until you both should be calm and levelheaded. But apologize to your friend sincerely once you can.

Once an apology for a specific incident has been extended and accepted, don't return back and revisit old battles next time you've got a disagreement. Care for each incident since it comes up and do not nurse old resentments.